Thursday, June 27, 2013

I wish you all a fun, exciting, family-filled, safe summer!  It was a fantastic year and I'd like to thank you all for making it that way.

All the best,

J. Saemerow

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One more sleep!

Well the kids were super today.  We did some Mathletics, cleaned desks, lockers and shelves and then played some games.

Just a few reminders:

Lydia, Jayme and Jason -  need to return the novel Maniac McGee or they will have to pay for it to be replaced.

Rio - has a library book that needs to be returned.

Eric, Emma, Landen and Dana - mentioned that they would like a DVD of the video Kyle's mom put together so they will need to bring $5 tomorrow.

Our assembly will begin at 11:00 and should end just after 12:00.  After the assembly all students will need to return to our classroom to receive their report card.  Students will be dismissed between 12:15 and 12:30.

I just want to thank all of you for a wonderful year!  It has been a pleasure teaching your children. I wish you all a restful yet fun summer.

Take care,


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A big THANK YOU to all the families that sent in food for the last potluck of the year.  It was delicious!

Tomorrow we will be cleaning out our desks and lockers.  Some students brought some of their supplies home today but we will be completing the clean out tomorrow.  We will also be washing our desks, lockers and shelves so if you have an old rag you could send that would be great!  (Maybe they'll be so motivated that they'll come home and clean their room!! Hee hee.)

In the afternoon we'll be playing some board games and card games.  If you have a game that you feel comfortable sending, please do.

Have a wonderful evening (preferably inside with a hot drink and maybe popcorn.)

Monday, June 24, 2013

- All students need to bring a bag to bring their books and extra clothes home in.

Just a reminder about our potluck lunch tomorrow.
    ALL students should bring a reusable plate, fork and cup
    If the weather cooperates, we had planned on picnicing, so students could bring a blanket to sit on.  If it is still raining, we'll be eating in our classroom.

**Mattaya and Ethan M could bring either another main dish item, small buns or cheese & crackers.

   These students have signed up to bring the following:

      Main Course Items:
              Ms. S       - spag sauce and noodles
              Carmen    - a casserole

             Rio            - caesar
             Salesh        - garden

    Veggies & Dip:


            Ethan P       -  spinach dip
            Scott           -  dessert (dipped brownies)
            Emma          - dessert
            Jasmine        - dessert

Friday, June 21, 2013

Next week:

Tuesday - potluck lunch (still needing several students to sign up)
              - bring bags to clean out desks and lockers

Wednesday - classroom clean up

Thursday - assembly in the morning
                  hand out report cards
                 dismissal between 12:15-12:30

Friday - Your summer holiday begins!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


    NONE!! Well, actually, you need to do a 'sun dance'.


   Please remember to pack for Paul Lake.  It is rain or shine (We don't even need sun. We're just hoping for not-rain!)
   We've added a few things for out 'to bring' list:
                 at least one change of shorts and shirt (especially socks!)
                 an extra hoodie
                 a coat  (waterproof if possible)
                 a garbage bag to put their backpack in to keep it dry
                extra water pistols (if they have any - put name of all water pistols)

  Drivers:  We are leaving around 9:00. Please feel free to come in the class.  We will be organizing
         drivers and students.  We have extra drivers so some adults can carpool with others if they
         want to.

   Rain or shine - I know that it will be a SUPER time!  Can't wait to see you tomorrow.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

   Socials:  Government test tomorrow (Wed)
   Paul Lake permission slip and $5 (overdue)

   Talent show:  Wed at 1:15

Paul Lake:  Things needed
     hat                      water bottle
     sunscreen            bug spray
     towel                  water guns
     long sleeve shirt (for walk)
     runners & socks

Monday, June 17, 2013


   Socials:    study for government test on Wed.


  Paul Lake permission slip and $

Friday, June 14, 2013

   French:   test on Monday - Study. Study.
   WWBook:   sign Weekly Review and Science Test (Mon)

   Socials:  test Wed.
   Hot dog order form - due Mon
   Paul Lake and $5 - due Mon

Thursday, June 13, 2013

   Reading:   Chapter and Vocab questions (Fri)
   Writing:    Freeble booklet - good copy finished (Fri)
   Socials:    Last government info page (Tue)

Upcoming Tests:
   French:   Monday -
   Socials:  Gov't test - Wednesday

   Paul Lake permission slip and $5 (ASAP)
   Hot dog order form (Mon)

A big thanks to all of our drivers that took us to City Hall today.  We really appreciated it.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

   Reading:  Novel Study - chapter and vocab work New Due Date: Friday
   Writing:   Freeble - title page and illustrated - Friday

Note:  Parent drivers please be at the school at 9:20/9:25.  We will leave at about 9:30.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Coming home today:
   Math tests (from Monday).  (Only some students got theirs.)
   Paul Lake permission slips (yellow).

   Science:    Study! We went over possible questions yesterday and today.
   Writing:    Illustrations and Title Page (Fri) - If possible title page Thursday so
                      that it can be laminated and ready to bind on Friday
   Reading:  NS - next set of questions and vocab (Thur)

City Hall driver:  Please be at our class room at 9:25.  There is no need to be early because the class will be at Music until that time.

Monday, June 10, 2013

   Science:   test on respiratory and digestive systems (Wed)
                     should:  know the vocabulary
                                  be able to label diagrams
                                  study the important parts of each system
                                  review questions and handouts
   Math:      Wall Math corrections (Tue)
   Reading:   Novel Study - ch. 38 - 41 vocab and quest (Thur)
   Writing:    Freeble writing booklet (illustrated & coloured)  (Fri)

Thank you so much to our volunteer drivers for offering to drive on Thursday to City Hall.  I will send home an email with our departure and arrival times.

Also thank you to the parents that returned the form about a possible field trip on June 20th.  I'll be sending home the permission slip soon.  I think that we are still short 1 (possibly 2) drivers. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

   Math:        Wall Math (Fri)
                      Test on Fractions unit (Mon)
   Writing:     Freebles (Fri) - illustrations not due
   Science:    Page 96-7: Questions 1-4 and vocab written out (Mon)
                     Study!!  Test on Wednesday

Just a reminder that it is a 1/2 day tomorrow for parent-teacher interviews.  If you would like to meet please feel free to contact me. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

   Math:       Wall Math (Fri)
                   Test on fractions - (Mon)
   Writing:    Freebles - final copy (Fri)
   Reading:   NStudy:  If ch. 33-36 were not handed in today they are due tomorrow.
   Science:   Test next week - Tue or Wed
   French:    Test June 17

   All money collected for the Heart and Stroke foundation should be brought to the school tomorrow (Thur).  Please return the envelopes if you didn't end up using them.
   Permission slips for the City Hall field trip next week are due Friday, please. (I still need rides for 3 students).
   Our last pot luck.lunch will be on Tuesday June 25th.  It is the 2nd half of the class that is to provide dishes for the group.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

   Reading:    NS - Ch. 33 - 37 questions and vocab sheet (Wed)
   Math:        Wall Math (Fri)
   Writing:     Freeble project - good copies (Fri)
                    Students are encouraged to take them home and have a parent read them
                      to ensure they make sense.  Students should have had at least 3 students
                      read over them by now.  They should be just making the corrections and
                      printing off the final copy Wed or Thur.
  Health:       Several people forgot to record their physical activity for 3 days.  Please do
                      that or look at the last 3 days and write down the activity for those days.
At this point I do not have enough drivers to go to City Hall next week (need 1/2 drivers for 6 more students).  If you are able to help us out, please let me know by Friday.