Friday, October 31, 2014


Spelling:        sheet - 2 sides (Mon)

Grammar:      quiz Wed
                         (on all the pages done to pg. 8)

French:          rest of presentations on Mon.

Other:            Weekly Work book - signed & here on Mon.
                          (please empty out some early pages)
                       Dominic is Star of the Week next week
                       -Book Fair: Nov. 5,6,7

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Vocabulary:         -`petrify` (Friday)

Grammar:            -page 8 (Fri)
                            -quiz Wed.

Reading:              -title page (very overdue!)

Penmanship:       -overdue (I will accept it tomorrow)

French:                -continued presentations on Mon.

Other:                  -Halloween Dance: bring $1 and a non-
                              perishable food item ($ for concession)
                            -Dress up for Halloween

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Math:            Part 2: test tomorrow

Reading:       title page (overdue)

Spelling:       sheet due Thursday
                      test is Thursday

Grammar:     page 8 (Fri)
                     quiz (Wed)

Vocabulary:  due Friday (/15)

Penmanship: due Thursday

Other:           YPC tomorrow! 
                     scrapbooking Thursday (can bring stickers etc.)
                     Dance & Movie (Fri) - please bring a non-perishable
                         food item  ($1 to get in dance)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Math:            test tomorrow

Reading:       title page (overdue)

Spelling:       sheet due Thursday
                      test is Thursday

Vocabulary:  due Friday (/15)

Penmanship: due Thursday

French:         quiz Wednesday
                     presentations tomorrow

Socials:         grade 4 - test

Other:           picture day tomorrow!  
                     scrapbooking Thursday (can bring stickers etc.)

Monday, October 27, 2014


Math -           15 minutes of math practice (3 nights)
                      Test this Thursday or Friday

Reading -      read 20 minutes (4 times a week)
                      title page (overdue)

Vocabulary-  due Friday

French -        quiz (Wed)
                     presentations (Wed)

Socials -        grade 4 test tomorrow

Other-           potluck is tomorrow
                        -everyone MUST bring: plate, fork, cup
                        -looking for 3 or 4 tableclothes
                        -must bring own snack
                        -will eat at 12:10
                     Picture Day on Wednesday.
                     YPC is Thursday
                     Scrapbooking is Thursday
                       - can bring in stickers, letters, borders, fancy paper...
                     Halloween on Friday
                       - encouraged to dress up BUT no weapons, no masks during
                          working time
                       - dance in the afternoon: $1 and a food donation (at least one item)

Monday, October 20, 2014


Reading:  read for 20 minutes

Spelling:  10 sentences (at least 7 words long) (Thur)
                 test on Thursday

Writing:   vocab (Thur)

Socials:    Grade 4: chapter 8 questions (Tue)

French:    quiz on Wed.

Friday, October 17, 2014


Spelling:      study (test Thur)
                     Unit 3 assignment: write 10 good sentences (Thur)
                         - needs a title (underlined with a ruler)
                         - on a piece of lined paper
                         - at least 7 words long
                         - use at least 1 spelling word in each sentence
                          example:  I had to study for our Science test.

Reading:      read for at least 20 minutes

Socials:  Grade 4:  chapter 7 questions are due Mon

October 22: Early Dismissal (12:30)
October 23: Early Dismissal (12:30)
October 24: No school - Pro D for teachers

Pot luck lunch is on 28th. Sign up on Monday.  Students needing to sign up:
    Seamus      Abby      Sophie     Jayden       Emily        Davin
    Wyatt         Sawyer   Liam        Mattias      Shelby      Maddison
     Kyla          Landon

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Math:        page 10/11 (Fri)

Spelling:   2nd sheet (Fri)
                 test (Fri)

Socials:    grade 4 questions chap. 7 (Mon)
                 test will be on Thursday

Reading:   title page (Oct. 23)
                 (marked on colour, creativity & neatness)

Art:           tree is due Friday

Other:       Cole- bring $4
                 Dominic & Wyatt - permission slip and $4 (Salmon Run)

                 Don't be late!  Remember: Salmon Run tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Math:          practice 15 min 3 times/week
                    page 8-9 T tables (Wed)

Reading:     read 20 min 4 times/week
                   'Stormalong' work (Wed)

Socials:       Gr. 4:  salmon test (next week - Wed)
                    Gr. 5:  review (Oct. 15)

Spelling:     2nd sheet (Thur)
                   study (test Thur)

Other:         - Salmon Run Permission Slips and $4
                       Dominic     Lea   Wyatt

                   -  $4 only:   Cole, Michelle

                   - Don't be late on Thursday. Bus leaves at 8:35.
                      Bring lots of food and snacks.
                      Dress warm,

Friday, October 10, 2014


No school on Monday.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Must give someone you love a hug. :)

Spelling;       sheet (both sides) due Tuesday (I don't accept lates in Spelling)

Reading:       read for 20 minutes

Socials:        Gr. 5s: review Wednesday
                     Gr. 4s:  test on salmon Oct. 20

Other:          Salmon Run $4 and forms: 
                            Davin         Wyatt         Dominic         Lea
                            Cole            Ethan

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Reading:       read 20 minutes

Math:            practice 15 minutes

Spelling:       2nd sheet (Thur)

Other:           book order (Fri)
                     salmon run forms & $4 (Fri)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Math:           practice 15 minutes

Reading:      read 15/20 minutes

Spelling:      2nd sheet (Thur)

Socials:        Gr. 4: 3 and 4 questions (Wed)

Other:          book orders (Fri)
                    please email me if you haven't already:

Monday, October 6, 2014


Spelling:       2nd sheet to finish (Thur)

Math:            finish today's sheet

Socials:       Gr. 4s: map due (Tue)
                               ch. 1 & 2 question sheet (Tue) 

Reading:     read 15-20 minutes

Other:          book orders due Fri
                    some students need to get Weekly Work Book signed (overdue)
                    NEED:  old magazines that we can cut pictures from
                    IF you didn't get an email from me PLEASE email me and I can add
                         you to my contact  list. 
                    NEED parent helpers for the salmon run.  UNFORTUNATELY  we
                         have no room on the bus (parents can carpool though).  Oct. 16
My apologies for missing Friday.  I was having technical difficulties. :(

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Math:     - complete the back side of the subtraction page
               - math practice (3 times/week)
Reading: - read 15/20 minutes (4 times/week)

Writing:   - newspaper (Fri)

Socials:    Gr. 5: - salmon life cycle (Fri)
                 Gr. 4: - map (Tue)

Art:         - fish (Fri)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Math:       - math practice (15 min/3 times each week)
                 - subtraction page ONLY the front side (Thur)

Reading:  - read (15 min/4 times a week)
Writing:   - newspaper (Fri)

Socials:    - Grade 5's:  salmon life cycle (due to Mr. Ruddick on Friday)
                -  Grade 4's:  maps (Tuesday)

Other:      - bring in school supplies money and info page

I'll be at the picnic tables at 5:30 IF it's not raining.
If it IS raining then I'll be in the classroom at 6:00.
The parent meeting will still be at 6:30.