Friday, November 28, 2014


Spelling:       Monday

Health:          Weekly Work book - signed & back (Mon)
Art:               - still need paper towel rolls
                     - bring knitting back if it's at home

Other:           $5 for chocolates (due Dec. 4)
                     $2-4 for Christmas Hamper (due Dec. 16)
                     $6 for scrapbooking
                     Sign up for potluck lunch:
                        So far we have:   2 veggie platters
                                                    1 cheese/cracker/sausage platter
                                                    caesar salad
                                                    3 desserts       
                      need notices from: Dominic, Wyatt, Mattias & Lea              

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Math:               test on Friday

Vocab:             due tomorrow 'deplete'

Other:             - $5 for chocolates
                       - $6 for scrapbooking (due Jan. 31)
                       - $2-$4 for Christmas Hamper and/or
                             food item
                       - hot lunch tomorrow
                       - still need paper towel rolls

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Math:            test - Friday
                        make sure you meet with Ms. S if you
                        have any questions

Spelling:      work and test - Thursday

Vocabulary:  due Friday

Other:          - $5 for chocolates
                    - $2-$4 for Christmas Hamper
                    - $6 for scrapbooking (due Jan. 31)
                    - Art: paper towel rolls
                    - notice (permission slip for Secret Santa etc)
                    - book orders due Friday

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


French:        test! 1-31 TOMORROW!
                         Grade 5's only: must spell 1-10 correctly

Vocab:        'deplete' is due Friday

Spelling:     due Thur

Math:          test (Thur)

Other:         $6 scrapbooking (by Jan. 31 please)
                   $5 for chocolate making  (Dec. 11)
                   $2-$4 for Christmas hamper
                    Food item -
                   -permission slip for Secret Santa

Monday, November 24, 2014

Math:        Grade 4 - page 42/43
                  Grade 5 - page 49/50
                   **Test on Thursday**

Reading:   read

French:     test 1-31 (Wed)

Grammar: page 11, 35, 36 (Wed)

Other:       Health & Career title page (Tue)
                 $6 scrapbooking
                 art - bring paper towel roll(s)
                 notice/permission slip (Secret Santa etc)
                  Christmas Hamper: single mom and 3 kids

Friday, November 21, 2014


Math:       0-4 times tables sheet
                     goal:  finish 20 questions in 1 minute

Read:       read

Spelling:  Mon

French:    test 1-31 (Wed)
                  (Gr. 5s must know how to spell 1-10)

Health:    title page (Tue)

Other:      - $6 for scrapbooking - can give to me after
                        Christmas if needed
                 - bring paper towel rolls (art)
                 - notices coming home (2 white)
                 - Scholastic Book order forms
                 - Weekly Work Book - (Mon)

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Math:     Gr. 4s - up to page 37
               Gr. 5s - up to page 46

French:  test on Wed (1-31)

Health:   title page (Nov. 25)

Vocab:   Fri.

Other:    photo retakes
              $6 for scrapbooking pics
              bring a paper towel roll (or 2) for art

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Science:        Grade 5s - test on chapter 1 tomorrow
                      Compound Machine project (Dec.2-4)

Spelling:       sheet & test (Thur)

Vocab:          antisocial (Fri)

French:         test on numbers 1-31 (Wed)
                      Grade 5s: must know how to spell #1-10

Health:         title page (Nov. 25)

Other:           - Scrapbooking $6
                     - Retakes (Fri)
                     - need paper towel rolls

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


French:        quiz  (Wed)

Science:      Gr. 5's:  quiz on chapter 1 (Thur)
                    Gr. 4's:  quiz on light (Wed)

Health:        title page (Nov. 25)

Vocabulary: antisocial (Fri)

Spelling:     sheet and test (Thur)

Other:         $6 for scrapbooking pictures
                   skipping tryouts Wed at lunch (Gr. 5)
                   photo retakes (Fri)


Monday, November 17, 2014


Math:        practice 10-15 minutes 3x/week
                  Grade 5:  page 44 (Tue)
                  Grade 4:  page 34 (Tue)

Reading:  read 15/20 minutes 4x/week

Writing:   page 7 (Tue)

Vocabulary:  word is 'antisocial'  (Fri)

French:    numbers 1-20: quiz on Wed

Science:   Grade 5 - start planning out your compound
                     machine project

Other:       Health & Career title page (Nov. 25)
                 $6 for scrapbooking pictures (hopefully before Dec. 19)
                 past art projects DUE!

Friday, November 14, 2014


Math:         practice multiplication tables

Reading:    read over the weekend

Writing:     page due Tuesday

French:      quiz on numbers 1-20 (Wed)

Spelling:    page due Monday

Science:    Gr. 5s: THINK ABOUT what to build for
                      your compound machine project (must
                      include 3 simple machines)  (Nov. 26)

Other:        - scrapbooking $6
                  - all past art is DUE!
                  -Weekly Work Book - signed & here for Mon.
                  - Liam, Shelby & Wyatt: return notices

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Math:         Gr. 5 - page 40/41
                   Gr. 4 - page 30/31

French:       Quiz on numbers 1-20 (Wed)

Science:     Grade 5's - think about what you'll build
                      for the compound machine project (must
                      use 3 simple machines and must serve a

Other:        bring in $6 for scrapbooking pictures (due
                      before Christmas)
                  any knitters available to come help?
Late Work:   reading - "Melting Pot"
                     last week's Vocabulary

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Spelling:         worksheet (Thur)
                        test (Thur)

Math:              grade 4s: page 29
                        grade 5s: page 39 (Thur)

Reading:         finish 'Melting Pot' worksheet (Thur)

Art:                 finish up past art: poppy art, pumpkin scene, wave art
                            In Flanders Fields, tree art  (Mon)

Other:             $6 for scrapbooking pictures
                       skipping tryouts for grade 5s
                       PE strip - make sure you have it

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Vocabulary:       `quarrel` due Friday

Other:                - bring in  $6 for pictures (scrapbooking)
                          - Remembrance Day Assembly (Fri)
                               wear either black, white, grey or red (or any
                                       combination of these)
                          - Book Fair:  last day tomorrow
                          - Hot lunch: Friday
                          - Annie is Star of the Week next week
                          - No school Monday or Tuesday.
                               See you Wednesday!!

Monday, November 3, 2014


Spelling:       sheet (Thur)

Grammar:     quiz (Wed)  - will be on concepts in Grammar book

Vocabulary:  `quarrel`  (Fri)

Other:           Book Fair (Wed, Thur, Fri)
                     Scholastic Book Order:  due Wednesday
                     Plan to dress nicely for the Remembrance Day Assembly (Fri)
                       - bring $ for a poppy (Fri)

Overdue:      Weekly Work book - signed ASAP