Thursday, December 19, 2013


Art that's due:  2 pieces of OP Art (wave & pencil crayon) - due tomorrow
                        windy snowman, 3 piece art  (due Jan 9)

Other:              bring auction items
                        bring a snack for our movie (We are watching Elf)
                        report card envelopes (due)

Reminder:       we are going to gymnastics on January 8th (the first Wed. back)
                        Drivers are:  
                          Anthony (4), Lauren (3),  Kiel (4), Hannah (4), Lindsay (4)
                          Ms. S  (6) 
                        Maybe drivers:
                          Kendall, Logan, Tiago, Paige

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


French:      BIG test tomorrow

Other:        Delivering Christmas Hamper Thursday
                      Please, all items in tomorrow.
                  Report Card envelopes are due.                

Tonight:    Be here by 6:10/6:15.  Bring a game if you can.

Monday, December 16, 2013


Other:        Potluck is tomorrow:  plate, fork, cup
                  Dress rehearsal on Wednesday (Must dress up)
                  Secret Santa gift
                  report envelopes are due
                 Christmas Hamper items

Math:         practice multiplication tables (write in log)
                  test on Wednesday

French:      test on Thursday (Study!!)

Friday, December 13, 2013


Math:       practise times tables (fill in math log)
                 multiplication test Wed. (strategies:half & double, breaking it
                        down, multiplying with and without decimals by 1 and 2
                        digit numbers)

Science:   all work due Tue

Read:       20 min 4 times each week

French     Big test Dec. 19

Other:      Tiago is Star of the Week
                 Hamper items here by Dec. 18
                 Secret Santa items here by Mon.
                Report card envelopes ASAP
                 Orange Book - Mon

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Math:      Weekly Math (Fri)
                Mathletics/Math practice (write in log)

Reading: read
               novel presentation (Jan)

Science:  Gr. 5s must have up to 5 (Fri)
                          must have all questions done (Tue)
               Gr. 6's all questions (Tue)

French:  BIG test (Thurs)

Other:   Bake sale tomorrow
             Report card envelope (Fri)
             Tiago is Star of the Week next week
             News next week:  Hannah and Darcy (Wed)
             Christmas hamper items (Dec 18)
             Secret Santa (Mon)
             Outside PE day tomorrow!! Bring snowpants, boots, gloves etc.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Math:       practice (fill in log)
                Weekly Math (Fri)

Reading:   read

French:    quiz 1-20 (orally & written) Thur.
                BIG test Dec. 19

Other:     $3 for chocolates
                Christmas hamper items (by Dec. 18)
                Secret Santa gift (by Dec. 16)
                Bring in a game to play on Dec. 20th.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Math:       Weekly Math (Fri)
                 math practice

Reading:   read 20 minutes

French:     numbers test 1-20 (Thur)
                 Big test is Dec. 19

Other:      $3 for chocolates
                food hamper-please bring in your item and/or $2-$5
                Secret Santa gift here by Dec. 16
                Potluck Dec. 17

Monday, December 9, 2013


Math:      mathletics or math practise (fill in log)
               Weekly Math (Fri)

Reading: read 20 min 4x/week

French:  numbers quiz (Thur)
              bigger test on Dec. 19

Other:    $3 for chocolates (by Tue)
              potluck Dec. 17
              Christmas hamper items (by Dec. 16)
              Secret Santa gift (by Dec. 16)

Friday, December 6, 2013


Math:      practise times tables

Reading: read 20 minutes 3x/week
French:   quiz on Thursday

Other:     $3 for chocolates
               Friday Book: signed & here Monday

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Math:      practise 3x/week (fill in log)
                Weekly Math (Fri)

Reading: pick book for January book talk by Fri.
               read 20 min 4x/week

Writing:  persuasive paragraph (Fri)

French:   quiz on numbers (1-20) Thursday
Other:     Paige is Star of the Week
               Danny is Star of the Week next week
               Notice due tomorrow. Fri

Potluck items so far:
  Kiel:        pizza                                     **We will need another main course item,
  Jakob:      caesar salad                        another salad, and perhaps a veggie tray.
  Joey S      cookies                              Still to sign up:
  Tiago:      cupcakes                                 Mattea, Darcy, Joey H and Viktoria
  Danny:    meat & cheese plate
  Paige:      shwartz                                                     Thanks!
  Hannah:   dessert (might change)
  Lindsay:  main course
  Ami:        pepper corn bread

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Math:      practice 3 times/week (fill in log)
               Weekly Math (Fri)

Reading: read
               pick book for January book talk

Spelling: story (Thur)

French:   quiz on numbers (1-20) next week
                 - Must say them and match them on paper

Other:    notice -please return by Fri.
              discuss Christmas hamper
              bring in $3 for chocolates (by Tuesday, Dec. 10)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Math:  Weekly Math (Fri)
            Fill in Math log (any practice or math game at home)

Spelling: story (Thur)

Read:   Read 4x/week
            Pick book by Dec. 6.

Other:  Paige is Star of the Week
            Joey S and Tiago for News (Wed)