Wednesday, October 24, 2018

October 24th

Hello all, and happy Fall!

Important information:

  • Skating field trip permissions forms due asap. (Sent home October 23rd)
  • Class potluck: on a volunteer basis, students will be signing up for dishes to bring to our class potluck that will be held next Wednesday


  • We have read up to chapter ten in "The Giver." Most students should be caught up, but if they are not, it is up to them to finish reading.
  • Egypt Gallery Projects: Monday. Students should have a tri-fold or poster paper by Friday. Two more work blocks will be given this week
  • Grade sixes: Math review test on Friday the 26th
  • Speeches: We will start presenting speeches on Monday. Q cards are allowed for these speeches. One more work block will be given in class.

End Notes:
It was so nice meeting so many of you last week during Parent-Teacher Interviews. These first 6 weeks have been a blast, and the students are beginning to settle into classroom routines. Looking forward to what November brings!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

October Update

Hello all!

I cannot believe October is already in full swing. Here is some important information:

  • Parent Teacher Interviews - Thursday, October 18th. You can sign up for meeting time using the link below:
    • **THIS IS AN EARLY DISMISSAL DAY, students will be let out at 12:30**
  • Friday, October 19th - Professional Development day - NO SCHOOL
  • Wednesday, October 24th - Photo Retakes
  • HOMEWORK: I will always give students time in class to complete homework. However, if they are absent from school, or are not using class time effectively they will be expected to complete this work at home. Please check the students agendas for pending homework.

Here is some information about what we have been up to/potential homework:

Social - Ancient Egypt
  • Students completed their time period presentation. As a class, we discovered we need a lot more practice at researching skills, as well as presenting skills. This will be a focus for the near future.
  • Time line - In small groups, students are in the process of developing a time line based off of the information we have learned about ancient Egypt. This project is due THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11TH

Math - (grade sixes)
  • Students did exceptionally well on their two-digit by two-digit multiplication unit. The class average for the quiz was an 80%!! I was very impressed.
  • We have moved on to ORDER OF OPERATIONS. Students will have a quiz on Friday.

English Language Arts
  • We have started a novel study called "The Giver." As a class, we are working on comprehension, meaningful reflections, and ability to make predictions based on what we have read. 
  • They will sometimes have to complete reflection questions at home if they did not complete them in class.
  • We will be commencing a brand new science unit as soon as the FSA's (grade seven government exams) are finished.
Physical and Health Education
  • We are analyzing fundamental movement skills required in basic exercises
  • We are wrapping up a volleyball unit with the students. The focus is basic skills - positioning, bumping, setting, and serving.
  • We are focusing on meaningful self reflection, and essential communication strategies. 
  • With Ms. Brar, the students are currently studying days, months, and numbers.
Fine Arts
  • Students are in the process of experimenting with different instruments. They are developing soundscapes with Ms. Brar.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

Ms. Kolasa