Thursday, December 5, 2013


Math:      practise 3x/week (fill in log)
                Weekly Math (Fri)

Reading: pick book for January book talk by Fri.
               read 20 min 4x/week

Writing:  persuasive paragraph (Fri)

French:   quiz on numbers (1-20) Thursday
Other:     Paige is Star of the Week
               Danny is Star of the Week next week
               Notice due tomorrow. Fri

Potluck items so far:
  Kiel:        pizza                                     **We will need another main course item,
  Jakob:      caesar salad                        another salad, and perhaps a veggie tray.
  Joey S      cookies                              Still to sign up:
  Tiago:      cupcakes                                 Mattea, Darcy, Joey H and Viktoria
  Danny:    meat & cheese plate
  Paige:      shwartz                                                     Thanks!
  Hannah:   dessert (might change)
  Lindsay:  main course
  Ami:        pepper corn bread