Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Spelling:  15 sentences (at least 9 words, circle nouns)

Read:       read 20 minutes

Science:  grade 5 test:  circulatory system and bones and muscles

French:   quiz on second 1/2 of verbs learned
               Test Feb. 20th on pronouns, all er verbs, er verb endings
                     conjugating verbs with pronouns to make short sentences
                     and translating french sentences to english and english to

Math:     grade 5's page 269 (review) Wed
               Weekly Math (Fri)

Health:   presentations on Thursday and Friday

Poetry:   presentations on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Other:    Grade 7 bake sale tomorrow
              blue notice (regarding Fun Night)
              *We will be having a Friendship Games and Snacks afternoon
                    on Friday.  Please send a small snack (if you can) and a board