Monday, February 2, 2015


Socials:        Grade 4 and 5:  test on Wednesday
                     Gr. 4's- if forgot supplies, bring tomorrow

Reading:      read 4 times this week

Math:           math practice 3 times this week

Science:       project due Feb. 24
                      - board due on Feb. 17
                       (we will have time to put together the boards
                        at school)

Spelling:      2nd sheet due Thursday

French:        test Friday

*No Vocabulary this week.  Vocabulary test next week.

Other:          Gymnastics - $12 and permission slip due ASAP
                           Jayden, Chelsea, Mattias, Rielly, Dominic ($12)
                           Cole ($12)
                    Practice recorder
                    Book order - due Friday
                    Hot Chocolate Sale - Tues and Wed.
                        bring own 'to go' mug - $1.50
                        no mug - $2