Wednesday, October 24, 2018

October 24th

Hello all, and happy Fall!

Important information:

  • Skating field trip permissions forms due asap. (Sent home October 23rd)
  • Class potluck: on a volunteer basis, students will be signing up for dishes to bring to our class potluck that will be held next Wednesday


  • We have read up to chapter ten in "The Giver." Most students should be caught up, but if they are not, it is up to them to finish reading.
  • Egypt Gallery Projects: Monday. Students should have a tri-fold or poster paper by Friday. Two more work blocks will be given this week
  • Grade sixes: Math review test on Friday the 26th
  • Speeches: We will start presenting speeches on Monday. Q cards are allowed for these speeches. One more work block will be given in class.

End Notes:
It was so nice meeting so many of you last week during Parent-Teacher Interviews. These first 6 weeks have been a blast, and the students are beginning to settle into classroom routines. Looking forward to what November brings!