Sunday, September 9, 2018

Welcome Back! - September 2018

Hello everyone!

As hopefully everyone read in the letter that was sent home, I am Miss Kolasa. I am the teacher currently covering for Ms. Saemerow in her grade 6/7 class. I spent the spring in her grade 5/6 classroom, and am very excited to be back at Dallas Elementary.

I wanted to give everyone a heads up as to what I will be using this blog for.

1. I will be posting important information (field trips, P.D. days, permission forms, etc.)

2. I will be posting photos and updates on what we have done and what we are doing in the classroom.

3. I will be posting any homework that needs to be completed at home*

*The only time students will have a significant amount of homework is when they do not complete an assignment in class, or were absent from school.

I will also be utilizing the students agendas as a line of communication, so please take a look at those when you get a chance. Students will be filling out their agendas daily.

This week, we will be spending plenty of time getting to know each other through various activities.

As a teacher, I will be doing some minor pre assessment to get to know each one of the students.

Looking forward to a great week, and an even better year!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Morgan Kolasa